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Najważniejsze trendy kolorystyczne 2021 r. Odzwierciedlają poczucie nadziei i optymizmu


Shutterstock’s 2021 color trends report shows champagne, gold and dark green will be the most popular colors.


The biggest color trends of 2021 are steeped in hope and optimism — and they also take a cue from nature, according to Shutterstock.


Globalna platforma kreatywna opublikowała raport dotyczący trendów kolorystycznych w 2021 roku, z którego wynika, że ​​w przyszłym roku wiodące kolory to „Set Sail Champagne”, delikatny, złamanej bieli odcień; „Fortuna Gold”, intensywnie żółto-złoty kolor i „Tidewater Green”, o głębokim niebieskawo zielonym odcieniu.


“For years, brands and agencies have used bold colors to stand out in a crowded content landscape,” Flo Lau, creative director at Shutterstock, said in a statement. “2020 has forced creatives to be more purposeful in their strategies. We see them turning to optimistic colors that inspire a sense of hope — a sense that positive change is coming.”


Shutterstock’s 2021 color trends are earthier and softer than last year’s selects, which included bright reds and blues.


“[Shutterstock users’] recent download choices are reflecting a shift in creative thought,” Lau continued. “They’re leaving behind the bright, saturated hues that defined 2020 and moving toward 2021 with a rich, natural palette that speaks to new opportunities, and more simply, a desire to get outside and get away.”


The company’s 2021 color trends predictions fall in line with those projected by Pantone for spring 2021. Pantone’s 2021 spring color predictions, which also include champagne and gold hues, suggest people are looking to color palettes that consist of brightening and soothing shades.


Shutterstock’s 2021 color report also estimates the biggest color trends per country. The report reveals the biggest color of 2021 will be “Dark Violet” for the U.S., “Light Coral” in the U.K., “Medium Slate Blue” in Canada, “Indigo” in France and “Lime Green” in Spain.